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  • Azores

      • The Blue Island

        Whichever island you choose to visit in the Azores, you will easily reach the conclusion that each one is different from the other, with a character all of its own, and they even have a specific color all of their own to mark their identity. This is why Faial is dubbed “the blue island”.

        The Azores are nine islands where you can witness the maker’s inspiration, making it mandatory to enjoy all of their charm in a soft and [...]

  • Chicago

      • boutique hotels Chicago

        Sports touring in Chicago is on the up and up

        A new trend is emerging in the Chicago tourism sector, and that is sports tourism. Basically, numerous sports fans are descending on Chicago for the fantastic sports facilities and ambiance that the city has to offer, and all the boutique hotels Chicago offers. Since Chicago has always had a rich and diverse sporting culture, a lot of sports fans from around the United States, and quite a number from international countries such as Japan and China [...]

      • Find the reception venue that is right for you
  • Florida

      • Florida retirement

        How to retire and still lead a comfortable lifestyle in Florida

        Many of today’s retirees are looking for an active retirement, and their children are looking for comfort that they will be looked after. Most of these retirees head for Florida where the sun shines and the climate is temperate. Many of the so called elderly thus look for Florida retirement homes where they can still lead an active lifestyle, yet have all the medical facilities available at their disposal. Many of these elderly do not want the [...]

  • Myrtle Beach

      • Myrtle Beach Golfing

        Consider Myrtle Beach for your next golfing vacation

        Are you planning your next golfing vacation, and considering Myrtle Beach? There are currently numerous golfing options and packages available, taht you may be overwhelmed with the choices. Infact, there are over 100 award winning golf courses alone, not to mention various other cheaper options for you to consider. Golf tour packages should provide you with a comprehensive list of the available golf packages, and they should also provide you with [...]

  • New Zealand

      • Where to go and ski in New Zealand

        If you are the adventurous type, then a skiing holiday in New Zealand might just be for you. They have pristine ski runs, and beautiful vista with simply breathtaking views, New Zealand skiing is a wonderland for new and advanced skiers. New Zealand can offer up to 32 ski areas, with many being top notch ski resorts that are world renowned. You can also find slopes for night skiing as well as for dedicated snow boarding and extreme trails. You [...]

  • Slovenia

      • All you need to know about beautiful Slovenia

        Slovenia is a small Central European country with beautiful natural landscapes, with over 60% of Slovenian territory being covered by woodlands. It has been independent since the 25th June 1991. Slovenia has also been part of the European Union since 2004, so visa are not required for EU citizens. The official currency is the Euro. The Slovenes are kind, sociable, eager to learn and hospitable. Almost every visitor to Slovenia is treated well, [...]

  • Travel Reviews

      • My Most Favored Beaches

        Travel Review article contributed by Charles Roberts, a newlywed who recently tied the knot under under the Jamaican sun at Beaches All Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts.


        Everyone has their own favourites, yours might not be the best but it might hold the fondest memories for you, meaning you’d rather go to a pebbly beach that takes you back than be on a beach with the softest sand and the bluest waters.


        When [...]