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Hilton HHonors Daily Grand promotion – earn bonus points on weekend and weeknight stays

Hilton has come out with a new Daily Grand promotion, and the perks seem especially good if you stay at their hotels over the weekend.


The Daily Grand promotion is only on for a limited time, and you get 1,000 Bonus points [...]

Island Breakaway to the Seychelles or the Maldives – it is within reach!

You need to take a break, but unsure of where to head off to? Why not explore the beautiful Indian Ocean islands of the Maldives, or the Seychelles. With powder white beach sand, and just a quick flight from Asia or Africa, they are more [...]

Top Island Escapes in Asia

Imagine yourself on a sun-drenched beach in front of a perfectly clear, warm blue sea. Palm trees are waving in the gentle breeze, yachts are sailing slowly across the bay and somewhere close by a waiter is poised to bring you another drink. [...]

All you need to know about beautiful Slovenia

Slovenia is a small Central European country with beautiful natural landscapes, with over 60% of Slovenian territory being covered by woodlands. It has been independent since the 25th June 1991. Slovenia has also been part of the European [...]

My Most Favored Beaches

Travel Review article contributed by Charles Roberts, a newlywed who recently tied the knot under under the Jamaican sun at Beaches All Inclusive Honeymoon Resorts.


Everyone has their own favourites, yours might not [...]

The Blue Island

Whichever island you choose to visit in the Azores, you will easily reach the conclusion that each one is different from the other, with a character all of its own, and they even have a specific color all of their own to mark their identity. [...]

Top Caribbean escapes to get some winter sun

The northern hemisphere is experiencing some icy winter chills at the moment, so here our top picks for an escape to the best Caribbean coastal retreats – all hand picked and blessed with the most glorious beach action.


The [...]

boutique hotels Chicago

Sports touring in Chicago is on the up and up

A new trend is emerging in the Chicago tourism sector, and that is sports tourism. Basically, numerous sports fans are descending on Chicago for the fantastic sports facilities and ambiance that the city has to offer, and all the boutique [...]

banquet halls

Find the reception venue that is right for you

If you intend to get married in the not too distant future, you are aware of the numerous things that you need to plan and budget for. Your first consideration of course is the date of the wedding, but many people need to ensure that they [...]

Where to go and ski in New Zealand

If you are the adventurous type, then a skiing holiday in New Zealand might just be for you. They have pristine ski runs, and beautiful vista with simply breathtaking views, New Zealand skiing is a wonderland for new and advanced skiers. [...]