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Spring break

Make sure you finalise your course work before spring break

Many students look forward to spring break, and in fact actually consider it as a rite of passage. For students though, spring break is a time where they can enjoy time with friends or university mates, and happens only a few times in their [...]

Florida retirement

How to retire and still lead a comfortable lifestyle in Florida

Many of today’s retirees are looking for an active retirement, and their children are looking for comfort that they will be looked after. Most of these retirees head for Florida where the sun shines and the climate is temperate. Many of [...]

Fat loss retreat

Weight loss boot camps come of age

Most individuals are looking for that quick fix to lose weight, but many have a problem with negative feelings towards exercise. Some weight loss experts will advise that you need to feel the pain before you see the gains, but this is not [...]

Myrtle Beach Golfing

Consider Myrtle Beach for your next golfing vacation

Are you planning your next golfing vacation, and considering Myrtle Beach? There are currently numerous golfing options and packages available, taht you may be overwhelmed with the choices. Infact, there are over 100 award winning golf courses [...]