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All you need to know about beautiful Slovenia

Slovenia is a small Central European country with beautiful natural landscapes, with over 60% of Slovenian territory being covered by woodlands. It has been independent since the 25th June 1991. Slovenia has also been part of the European Union since 2004, so visa are not required for EU citizens. The official currency is the Euro. The Slovenes are kind, sociable, eager to learn and hospitable. Almost every visitor to Slovenia is treated well, and you if decide to visit, Slovenia offers a wide range of sights with quality tourist services. It is a good choice for visitors who:

  • Appreciate quality accommodation,
  • enjoy active holidays,
  • like to observe rich cultural heritage and
  • enjoy interesting events.

The most comfortable and finest accommodation options within Slovenia are the myriad hotels. There are over 200 hotels in Slovenia of all star ratings, whilst most hotels are clean and well-kept (in most cases). Many four and five stars hotels offer wellness & spa facilities on-site if required. Some of them have equipped themselves with conference and smaller meeting rooms as well, and are trying to target the business traveller market.

Slovenia is a picturesque and varied for recreation. There are many opportunities for an active holiday in all seasons. Each visitor can go skiing in the winter, swimming in the summer, hiking and cycling in spring and autumn.

Most Slovenian towns are medieval in character and follow the development of trade and crafts in the middle ages. Many towns were besieged by the Turkish army and experienced fires and plagues.

There are many local events in Slovenia every year. The most important events in Slovenia are:

  • Pust in Ptuj (traditional event linked with masquerading),
  • Sky flying World championship in Planica (the conclusion of the World Cup sky-flying season),
  • LENT International summer festival in Maribor (numerous concerts, theatrical performances and sports events),
  • Kranfest in Kranj (Slovene and Croat concerts),
  • Ljubljana Summer festival in Ljubljana (numerous concerts, theatrical performances and sports events) and
  • Festive December in Ljubljana (Christmas spirit with small festive huts selling traditional food and hot mulled wine).

Top Sights in Slovenia

The main Slovenian tourist attractions are:

  • Postojna and the Skocjan Caves,
  • Piran,
  • Bled,
  • Lipica and
  • Ljubljana Castle.

Postojna cave is the only cave in the world with a unique electric train for transporting tourists. Postojna cave is a beautiful system of galleries, halls, stalactites and stalagmites. There are almost a half million people that visit Postojna cave every year.

Skocjan Caves has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1986. It is one of the most important cave systems in the world.

Piran is often cited as the most beautiful town in Slovenia. From its narrow cobbled Venetian streets, tall terraced houses and crumbling squares, Piran is a sure fire winner with tourists.

Bled is one of the oldest tourist centres in Slovenia. Bled lake is probably Slovenia’s best known natural attraction. There is the only 1 island in Slovenia.

The village of Lipica is the home of the famous Lippizzaner stud farm. The farm was established in the 15th century, and it was then that the Lipizzaner horses were born and bred.

Ljubljana Castle is one of the most visited tourists attractions in Ljubljana. It offers an outstanding panoramic view over the city.


If you are considering a visit to Slovenia, we are sure that you will not be disappointed.

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