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Sports touring in Chicago is on the up and up

A new trend is emerging in the Chicago tourism sector, and that is sports tourism. Basically, numerous sports fans are descending on Chicago for the fantastic sports facilities and ambiance that the city has to offer, and all the boutique hotels Chicago offers. Since Chicago has always had a rich and diverse sporting culture, a lot of sports fans from around the United States, and quite a number from international countries such as Japan and China are now coming across to Chicago to see some of the historic sporting stadiums and sometimes to even catch a game or two. Teams like the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Bulls are consistent draw cards to the city, and when they are playing in town, quite a number of visitors can be expected to descend on Chicago for the day, or more often than not, for the weekend. boutique hotels ChicagoDue to the popularity of such sports, the boutique hotels Chicago offers are often booked well in advance, as sports fans want to be close to the action but do not want to go to the typical chain type hotels. Many fans have also commented on the fantastic reception they get when visiting the Windy City. There are also a number of alternative tours and city escapes to perform for the whole family, so it is not all about sport, however, that is what is drawing the tourists in the first place.

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