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The Blue Island

Whichever island you choose to visit in the Azores, you will easily reach the conclusion that each one is different from the other, with a character all of its own, and they even have a specific color all of their own to mark their identity. This is why Faial is dubbed “the blue island”.

The Azores are nine islands where you can witness the maker’s inspiration, making it mandatory to enjoy all of their charm in a soft and sweet way, communicating delicately with the nature and with the other pleasures that only the Azores can offer, a choice destination for families and nature lovers and which promotes not only the most genuine beauties of our world, but also the traditions of a people.

This is what happens on the island of Faial, that is separated from its neighboring island of Pico, which at times it seems to touch, through the Channel of Faial, that always keeps a watch on São Jorge and that always seeks to find on the horizon the other islands that make up the central group of the Archipelago of the Azores, the islands of Terceira and Graciosa.

Faial has in the Horta marina a gateway to the outside world, a living museum where the “Wolves of the Sea” wander or paint its rocks and its floor as thanks to Neptune for having brought them to terra firma, perpetuating their passage through this island.

When leaving Horta, one goes in search of other adventures, traditions maintained and secrets which make Faial one of the most remarkable islands of the Azores. The journey begins going up the Espalamaca, stopping at the Nosssa Senhora da Conceição lookout point, with a panoramic view of Horta and the northern part of the island, and afterwards visiting the Flamengos and admiring the beautiful windmills and the fascinating Valley of the Flamengos, continuing towards the Caldeira, descending to the north side of the island, between green pastures enveloped by hydrangeas, and stopping at a lookout point with a view to the Fajã.

Another mandatory stop is also the Capelinhos volcano, a place filled with history and tales, a place that not even our wildest imagination could conjure.

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